Domestic Investigations

Domestic InvestigationsMany times in a marriage or relationships, suspicion arises whether one party or the other is committing an act of infidelity. Whether it is a change in appearance, lack of interest in the other partner, or working a lot of overtime at work. Many of these questions and more can be answered with the use of the services provided by True Blue Paper Service & Investigations.

True Blue Paper Service & Investigations can conduct surveillance, document subject activities, and report back the actions of the subject. Utilizing the proper undercover equipment, True Blue can enter an establishment and get the documentation as to whom the subject is meeting or what the subject is doing alone. The use of GPS Tracking can also provide a detailed description of the subject’s travel patterns and will allow the documentation of where the subject’s vehicle has traveled and parked with remarkable accuracy, saving hundreds of dollars in Actual Investigator Surveillance.

Stationary/Mobile Surveillance$60.00/hour
Mileage (Outside of Benton and Washington Counties)$0.50/mile
Court Testifying (Minimum of 2 hours)$60.00/hour
GPS Tracking AvailableGPS Pricing

*All prior approved incidentals are actual cost of the incidental