GPS Tracking

GPS TrackingTrue Blue Paper Service & Investigations provides real-time GPS Tracking that can be beneficial to cases with certain criteria. Although investigator surveillance can be utilized, the use of GPS Tracking can save money and time. Some of the uses and ways that GPS Tracking is beneficial include:

  • 24-hour Tracking of Vehicle
  • Establish subject patterns
  • Cost effective with the use of Physical Surveillance
  • Track assets and people
  • Use anywhere in the world
  • Use on personal vehicles in high crime areas
  • Teen tracking
1 Week of GPS Tracking (Savings of $25.00)$450.00
2 Weeks of GPS Tracking (Savings of $150.00)$675.00
3 Weeks of GPS Tracking (Savings of $300.00)$900.00
4 Weeks of GPS Tracking (Savings of $450.00)$1,100.00

*The client must have legal documented rights to the vehicle being monitored by GPS