SurveillanceTrue Blue Paper Service & Investigations utilizes mobile and stationary surveillance depending on the case needs. With the use of high tech equipment, True Blue investigators can document from the surveillance vehicle providing a clear picture as well as covert video without being detected. True Blue Paper Service & Investigations also has the capability of using GPS Tracking to assist with locating and following individuals in the heavy traffic that increases every day in Northwest Arkansas. Providing the client with factual information and the best product available is the number one goal of True Blue Paper Service & Investigations along with saving the client time and money.

Many reasons can arise where surveillance may be needed. A few of these reasons include, but not limited to:

  • Surveillance for Process Service
  • Following a spouse or partner during a divorce
  • Child Custody cases
  • Accident Victims insurance fraud
  • Workers Comp scandals
  • Have your children followed to see what they are up to
  • Asset Recovery
Stationary/Mobile Surveillance$60.00/hour
Mileage (Outside of Benton and Washington Counties)$0.50/mile
Court Testifying (Minimum of 2 hours)$60.00/hour
GPS Tracking AvailableGPS Pricing

*Any other types of surveillance must be consulted with True Blue
**All prior approved incidentals are actual cost of the incidental
***Investigations available in Arkansas